The world’s ten most corrupt politicians are ranked from most to least corrupt

The top ten most corrupt politicians in the history of the planet at any point in time.

In our fast-paced society, there are many dishonest people who are notoriously famous for their illegal and unlawful actions at the cost of state taxes and other monies that are not theirs, to begin with. These persons are known as corrupt individuals. The occurrence of situations of this sort has expanded all over the world, and in most instances, it is not unusual for them to occur. Here is a list of the top 10 most corrupt politicians in the history of the planet.

It’s possible that you are already familiar with some of them; nonetheless, it’s time to bring to light the darkness that these politicians have been hiding in for the duration of their seats in their cheated positions until they are found out and stripped of their statuses.

10. Joseph Estrada

Joseph Estrada 1

Previous incumbent of the presidency of the Philippines

At the very beginning, before he had been officially elected as president, he used the art of manipulation to create a “land of make-believe” by using the poverty circumstances of the majority of the Philippines against them in order to aid in his campaign and manifesto which obviously helped in his election process as he somehow predicted that, it’s the only way to gain the respect and voting favor of the lower class first so that the higher society members could recognize him as a legitimate candidate for president. This obviously helped in his election process

He should be ashamed of himself since there was plainly a hidden agenda behind the deception he was able to pull off successfully, which resulted in his winning the votes and being elected president of the Philippines during those years.

Joseph, who is now considered to be one of the most corrupt politicians in the world, began his career as an actor in his early life; therefore, it is not surprising that he was able to pull this off successfully in the service of deceiving the people who had genuine faith in him and saw a glimmer of hope in him.

Even before he became president, he was a crooked individual, but unfortunately, the people of the Philippines were not able to see this fact. Estrada has been accused of taking more than $80 million in bribes and corrupt deals, and he has been brought to the book for his alleged involvement in these activities.

9. Arnoldo Aleman

Arnoldo Aleman.

The title of “President” simply means head of the nation, Leader of an entire country, World recognition, and being an official part of the history of a country, among other things, so the fact that someone is the 81st President of any country should be considered an enormous honor by every single man, regardless of how many Presidents came before them.

However, there are certain individuals who have a tendency to misuse the advantages that have been bestowed upon them by the state. These individuals appear to be unaware of the novelty, importance, dignity, and integrity associated with their Presidential titles. Even Presidents are required to take an oath before taking office, but for some people, like Arnoldo, this does not mean as much as owning all of the world’s riches that surpass his income, which was likely to spark and generate suspicions.

Before he ran for president, Aleman had a successful career as a lawyer; this fact alone should be enough to convince you that his oath and vow to the law, as well as the country, should have been greater than they have ever been. We may give credit to his personal success as a lawyer, his subsequent race for mayor of Nicaragua, his election to the presidency, and his subsequent rise to become one of the most corrupt leaders in history.

Quite an impressive and fruitful career growth in politics and business as well as the ideal manner to be sentenced to twenty years in jail for corruption by the stealing of more than one hundred million dollars from Nicaragua’s Treasury.

8. Pavlo Lazarenko

Pavlo Lazarenko.

Former leader of the Ukrainian government

Each of these corrupt organizations or people follows the same pattern, which is that each one establishes a trend that is higher than the level of corruption reached by the previous corrupted individual.

It’s bizarrely close to being like a race to see who can steal the largest amount of money or be the most corrupt politician in the nation. It is both remarkable and dumb what some people are willing to do in order to secure a place for themselves in the annals of world history, but for all the wrong reasons.

Pavlo, on the other hand, appears to have done incredibly well in his illegal and criminal deeds for the course of his tenure as just a mere PM (Prime Minister), not even the President in this instance. In this case, the Prime Minister.

Pavlo’s plan was to use the President as a shield or to divert all attention from himself so that he could continue to go on his quest for fraudulent activities that are to the estimated corruption value of $200 Million which seems to have mysteriously disappeared and it was later revealed that part of it has been used to sign a $10 billion dollar deal abusing Office rights and terms. This plan was in place regardless of whether or not Pavlo was the Prime Minister.

It most certainly confers a large Title on Pavlo to have been one of the most corrupt politicians in the world to have been able to sweep a value of $200 Million under the rug or keep it out of the view of the authorities who were concerned. This will most certainly create a big Title on Pavlo’s forehead.

7. Alberto Fujimori

Alberto Fujimori 1

Previously serving as the President of Peru

This individual has a funny name but clever thinking, cleverer than any of his other corrupt friends so far as the amount estimated in his corruption ranking value is very astonishing. His ranking value for his level of corruption is rather staggering. It’s not unheard of to find corrupt presidents among the most corrupt politicians in this case; it’s just that some of them are a little bit more intelligent in their corruption parades, and as a result, they were able to milk more money out of the state than the others before they were brought to legal justice. This isn’t to say that all corrupt presidents are the same; it’s just that some of them are more intelligent than others.

Alberto Fujimori is of Asian descent, which primarily means that he is disciplined, quick-witted, intelligent, and mentally sharp since they have that Asian blood which is known to the world for its attention to detail type style in everything they say and do, which ensures order and precision in most cases. In addition, being of Asian descent also means that he is a member of the Fujimori family, which is a prominent family in Peru.

In the case of Alberto Fujimori, however, given the corruption he perpetrated while serving as President, he has lost the honor of being called “leader of the Nation.” It does not mean that a man won’t be capable of corruption to some hectic degrees, kidnapping, and murder just because he is dressed in sharp suits, speaks in polite speech mannerisms, and carries himself out with professionalism in the public eye. He can also be found guilty by a court of law in his act of ordering death squad Military men to do the dirty work of kidnappings and killings during his presidency and with an estimated fraud value of $600 Million stolen from the state.

6. Jean-Claude Duvalier

Jean Claude Duvalier

Former leader of Haiti in the presidency

It is common knowledge that Jean-Claude Van Damme, a well-known action star, has been the bad guy who has dominated the Action Genre in Hollywood since the 1980s, and there has only ever been one of him. On the other side, Jean–Claude Duvalier evidently tried to emulate this actor in reality owing to the fact that their first names are the same, and quite funny, he couldn’t come close to coming up with the same performance.

Abuse of power gets the best of a person’s morality and beliefs, and basically, everything else changes once somebody comes into full power and control. It wouldn’t be very long before their power is taken to the head where everything is now swindled by their intimidating and authority figure finger. Some powerful people have seemed to be waving the flag of a common trend that having the title of “President” simply means “I own everything and everybody in a country.” He was one of the most dishonest politicians in the history of the world.

From this point on, it would appear that everything is pointing in the direction of corruption.

” Like father, like son,” as the saying goes, and it would appear that Papa Duvalier, the father of Jean-Claude Duvalier, has been tormenting Haiti for more than a decade, which is why the name strikes fear in the inhabitants. Jean-Claude Duvalier is the son of Papa Duvalier.

During his tenure in government, a guy who boasted of bringing about an economic revolution to Haiti’s starving populace felt absolutely no remorse about stealing anything from $300 Million to $800 Million. Unquestionably one of the most dishonest politicians in the history of the globe.

5. Sani Abacha

Sani Abacha 1

Former leader of the Nigerian government

Nigeria is immediately categorized as a war-torn nation in the eyes of the rest of the world, and to tell you the truth, who could blame the rest of the world for thinking so poorly of them when civil war appears to be so popular, the people who live there are somehow becoming better at it?

Countries that are currently engaged in conflict require a leader who is capable of turning around an entire nation, commanding military operations, and really prevailing in battle in order to safeguard their people and their nation’s name.

Not every leader who is selected and elected to the presidency, parliament, or a high-profile post in a nation understands the genuine needs of the people and complies with the demands of what urgently needs to change for the better of those who are protesting lawfully for it.

There will always be a need for self-improvement and personal greed while the rest of the population will suffer dearly, and this will ultimately become the major downfall of every country thereafter where as bad as things are as they are, they will become worse after a man so-called “leader” like Sani Achaba, who is frequently regarded as one of the most corrupt politicians, could steal around $4 billion into personal private accounts as well as Jewelry to the value that could supply a 100-year salary to the average citizen of

Which was “attempted” to be taken from his apartment by thieves that the police have uncovered, and oddly, though, following the immediate shock of her husband’s murder, his widow tried to depart with four bags full of stolen money as well.

In this funny turn of events, the thief ends up getting robbed, and by no less than his own wife! It’s more of a comedic prank than a cunning one, but it still involves deceiving someone. As a result of his actions, Mr. Achaba has established a reputation for being among the world’s most hilarious corrupt politicians.

4. Slobodan Milosevic

Slobodan Milosevic 1

Former leader of Yugoslavia who served as president

When it comes to fraud, one might ask themselves, “What is the limit that somebody could reach in terms of the amount of money that they could steal from the country without being caught, and for how long can they pull this off?” (What is the maximum amount of money that somebody could steal from the country without being caught?) It is not as simple as robbing a destitute man on the street of his last penny to take from something as vast as a whole country, thus there must be some sort of brilliance behind this.

According to a report by the BBC, Mr. Milosevic has been convicted of a number of high-profile killings as well as being the head behind assassination attacks, killing of witnesses, and people who were courageous enough to bring him to justice. This is in addition to the fact that he was found guilty of money fraud in this case. In addition to all that, he is widely considered to be one of the most corrupt politicians on the face of the earth.

Power-hungry men know no bounds in terms of where their power boundaries are when they are in the office or the Presidency because they genuinely believe that they control and own everything that the country has, including the people. To these men, human rights and constitutions are nothing more than pieces of paper with fancy writing on them because none of these things seem to actually matter when they are committing fraudulent acts themselves, and in this case, not in small petty numbers as this one really reached tens of thousands of people.

The amount of $100 billion that was spent to compensate for campaign bombs that took occurred is no laughing matter, and creating collateral damage to this estimated worth and figure is not a child’s game by any stretch of the imagination.

It is not the role of presidents to start wars with other nations but rather to work toward establishing peace in their own nations. All of this was made possible because to the efforts of one man and the others who helped him, Slobodan Milosevic, who is so well-known that a street in Belgrade is even named after him.

3. Mobutu Sese Seko

Mobutu Sese Seko 1

The previous leader of Zaire (Zaire)

The story of fraudulent acts becomes interlinked with each other below this rank from this point on, as it appears that the next two rankings below Mobutu Sese Seko have been interlinked and confirmed as accomplishments that were involved in what is estimated to be a $50 billion three-man scam from all three of the countries that these men represent, such as Zaire, the Philippines, and Indonesia. In point of fact, the money in question is equivalent to the annual budget of the West.

It is a bit of a puzzle how these three individuals were able to do what they set out to do, but we will leave the identities of the other two unknown for the time being. Mobutu Sese Seko, who is regarded as one of the most corrupt politicians in the world and who was a member of a three-man tag team that ruled the country during a period of ‘joint venture’ power-man fraud commitments and dedication, has been personally accused of misappropriating an amount that is estimated to be somewhere around 12 billion dollars all by himself. These numbers are not misleading in any way, nor have they been inflated in any way.

2. The dictator Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos 1

Previous incumbent of the presidency of the Philippines

It is not inappropriate to refer to them as “masked robbers” even though they are part of the Three Musketeers and the reason we call them “Marketeers” is because of their ability to present a respectable and accountable image to the public of being respectable Leaders of the country until the mask is removed and the robbers are revealed. This is also the reason why we call them “Marketeers.”

And by using this Mask, they most certainly did produce a Phantom of their very own Opera (dramatic play). Yes! You have correctly guessed it. Former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, also known as “Mystery Man 2,” is a participant in a three-person joint venture involving billions of dollars that are to be divided up and assessed by each participant in relation to their fraudulent conduct.

It would appear that the Philippines has a good handle on how to pick its presidents; nevertheless, they have managed to shoot themselves in the foot not once, but twice, by making selections for president that were quite foolish.

It is regarded as insane to repeat the same error twice, but on the other hand, who are they to know who is going to plunder the entire nation before it happens? It is said that Ferdinand Marcos misappropriated between $5 and $10 billion of his personal money between the years 1972 and 1986. The years in question are 1972–1986. During the period when he served as President. He was ranked number two on our list of the most corrupt politicians on the face of the globe.

1. Mohamed Suharto

Mohamed Suharto 1

Former leader of the Indonesian nation

Mohamed Suharto is the “Mystery Man” who takes the top spot on the list of the most corrupt politicians in the world. This is due to the fact that Suharto managed to take more money for himself than his business partners Mobutu and Ferdinand, also known as “M & F.” Suharto was able to do this by topping the cake with a shiny-looking cherry.

The value that he is worth in the estimated value of notorious Presidential Fraud, it actually deserves a Campaign or Game show of its own where the winner of who can embezzle the most out of a country wins, and Mohamed Suharto seemed to have won it big during his 30 Year Presidential duration of Office in the Country’s highest seat. The value that he is worth in the estimated value of notorious Presidential Fraud, it actually deserves a Campaign or Game show of its own where the winner of who can embezzle the

During this time of Presidency, it would have obviously given Mr. Suharto more than enough time to take a few billion for himself, and it should come as absolutely no surprise that he exceeded the fraudulent amount of the rest, reaching a staggering figure of $15 – $35 Billion in stone cold hard assets and Swiss accounts that were “perfectly legal” in terms of its existence. However, once again, where money talks, corrupt ears will listen very closely, and so it has been pulled off.

What it is about Mohamed Suharto that It’s not just that his fraudulent rank rate is the highest in personal embezzlement that makes him the most corrupt politician in the world; it’s also that he managed to put up a decent, honest, and upstanding Leader of the nation for 30 years. This makes him the most corrupt politician in the world.

A man who has served as President for such a long period of time can be accused, even in the absence of evidence, of fabricating votes every now and then or betting heavily on campaigns in order to make the most profound impression possible each year on vulnerable people who were just forced to believe it.

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