8 Best Walk-in Bathtubs for 2021

Do you want to make bathtime a little easier? Purchase a walk-in bathtub to improve accessibility in your house. Find the top walk-in bathtubs on the market right now by scrolling down.

What is the Best Walk In Bathtubs for 2021?

8 Best Walk-in Bathtubs for 2021

1. Meditub 2739 Series

Meditub MT2739RWS Compact 27 by 39 by 36-Inch Walk In Soaker Bathtub

Last update was on: September 14, 2021 8:34 am

Take autonomous bathing to the next level with Meditub’s simple yet durable tub type. This series is intended to meet industrial safety and comfort standards while making the bathing experience as frictionless as possible. With a low-threshold door and a freestanding space large enough to accommodate a mobility device, anyone can fit inside without pain or constraints.

This new Meditub type is backed by a reinforced fiberglass acrylic, offering long-term durability and strength. With access panels that attach to the entry with magnets, it is simple to install in any corner of the bathroom thanks to the adjustable leveling legs. A strong drain polishes the tub’s bottom, with the potential to drain over 50 gallons in just a few minutes.

The tub is made of a proprietary fiberglass material that outperforms the industry’s high durability criteria.

The standalone tub’s unusual square design is compact yet spacious, allowing it to be put in practical locations such as a shower stall or laundry room. Electrical controls are conveniently accessible to installers from the front panels at the door. For further comfort, while sitting in the tub, an additional backrest is offered.

The side-opening door has a low threshold for easy access.

This is a straightforward yet strong walk-in tub that is simple to assemble and even simpler to use, with features and safety standards that surpass all ADA regulations.

2. Ella Ultimate Acrylic Walk-in Tub

Ella Ultimate 30"x 60" Air and Hydro with Foot Massage Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub

Last update was on: September 14, 2021 8:34 am

With an ultra-low step-in threshold to help those with even the most severe mobility impairments, this walk-in tub meets market standards for both safety and comfort. The 17-Jet treatment system fires powerful water jets all over the tub, creating a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Air therapy functions are also offered for maximum relaxation – as well as easy pipe cleaning.

Additional spa amenities meet industry standards for medicinal and cosmetic relaxation. To enjoy delicious comfort from head to toe, use the independently operated foot massagers. If there are any issues or complaints with the tub’s installation, Ella’s consumer warranty will cover the changes.

The tub’s wide seat is nearly 2′ long, with grip bars on both sides for safe sitting.

The air jet massage mechanism allows you to regulate three different speeds. Even if the tub isn’t completely filled with water, the foot massage jets can perform on their own. To meet all safety criteria, stainless steel and aluminum materials are coated with a non-slip surface.

This spa-like tub can easily seat two people in a slip-resistant environment and has 17 various jet massage settings, providing anyone with mobility limitations with a full bathroom spa experience.

3. American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool

American Standard Gelcoat Value Whirlpool 32"x52" Right Side Outward Door Walk-In Bathtub

Last update was on: September 14, 2021 8:34 am

This deluxe tub model from American Standard features the best in quick-draining and heating technology, as well as a variety of additional massage and jet treatment choices, making it the most accessible at-home spa experience.

American Standard has introduced a walk-in tub that outperforms the industry standard for soakers and spas. This tub has an 80-gallon capacity and is spacious enough to sit two people close to the low-threshold entryway. The unique water heating mechanism quickly fills the tub with water that can achieve the ideal temperature in a matter of seconds. Combine the hot water with the 6-jet massage system to create a full-service at-home spa experience.

The water drains as soon as it fills in this walk-in bathtub. The Quick Drain function rapidly drains the water, allowing the bather to escape the tub without having to wait long. The simplicity of accessing and departing the tub adds to the therapeutic experience provided by this model’s features.

Massage components can be tailored to provide a leg massage, a foot massage, or a full-body massage. The whirlpool heater properly and rapidly warms the entire tub and maintains the temperature throughout bathing. To meet ADA safety and reliability criteria, the durable fiberglass material is coated in a nonstick coating. The seat rises 1′ above the tub’s floor, making it easier to sit and stand. For a more personalized experience, an optional heater is included with the purchase.

4. Empava Walk-In Bathtub

Empava EMPV-WIT373 52.5" Acrylic Freestanding Walk-in Bathtub

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Last update was on: September 14, 2021 8:34 am

The Empava walk-in tub is highly rated for both medicinal and aesthetic use, as it is outfitted with simple yet powerful features that will immerse anyone in ultimate relaxation.

The Empava bathtub, with one of the lowest step-in thresholds on the market, is a strong alternative for individuals looking for a comfortable and accessible place to bathe. Each side of the tub is secured with convenient grab bars, making it simple to enter and exit the washtub area. Pre-installed faucets make it simple to turn on, allowing homeowners to enjoy their new bath in minutes.

At the bottom of the tub, there is a huge left-sided drain, as well as an overflow drain and spill-prevention pipes. It just takes a few minutes to fill the tub completely and much less time to drain it once you’re through. The door opens all the way into the bath, providing plenty of room for people to go in and out.

For a more personalized bathing experience, the tub includes three faucets and a detachable showerhead. Inside the tub, additional grip bars are installed so that everyone can sit comfortably on the seat without slipping. For future safety and insurance, the tub comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Unlike other walk-in tubs, this Empava type can hold enough water to reach a person’s shoulders. The extra-wide entryway is 20% bigger than the industry standard for this size walk-in bathtub.

5. Ella Transfer Walk-in Tub

Ella Wheelchair Transfer Air & Hydro Massage Acrylic Walk In Bath

Last update was on: September 14, 2021 8:34 am

People who have mobility challenges understand how difficult it may be to take a bath. Relaxation might be difficult when the bathtub is inaccessible to individuals with wheelchairs. With the easy-access wheelchair transfer tub, this Ella tub solves that difficulty. The large door opens to accommodate the shape of a wheelchair, making it easy to transition from sitting in the chair to sitting in the tub.

The Ella Transfer tub, as one of the best solutions for accessible bathing, is outfitted with all of the newest industry innovations to make this a spa-quality appliance. The door has an easy-to-use handle lock that keeps it in place as the tub fills with water. The faucets deliver water at the ideal temperature, quickly filling the entire tub.

Turn on the hydro pumps for a soothing massage while you’re in the water. There are extension panels provided that may be connected to make more or less area in your bathroom for the tub. This tub’s patented L-shaped door technology makes it the easiest to get in and out of. The tub has a scratch and wear-resistant acrylic fiberglass coating that will provide years of strength and durability. In less than 5 minutes, all of the water drains.

6. Spa World Venzi Walk-in Bathtub

Spa World Venzi Vz2747rws Rectangular Soaking Walk-In Bathtub

Last update was on: September 14, 2021 8:34 am

If you already have a shower stall or a vacant bathtub area in your bathroom, this Spa World model can be a simple way to fill that space. Because of its rectangular shape, it is easily adaptable to bathrooms of different sizes and may be installed with or without already existing equipment. This Venzi tub is tall enough to function as its own shower stall, giving you the same amount of freedom and privacy when bathing.

In addition, for ease of maintenance, this tub has three removable access panels and side panels. It is simple to assemble and just takes a few minutes to fill with water of any temperature. The low-threshold door makes it simple for folks who use canes or walkers to enter and exit the soaking tub.

To ensure complete privacy in the sitting tub, the tub comes with its own enclosure, curtain pole, and curtain. Fiberglass acrylic materials are covered with a heat-baking component, which aids in keeping water hot for longer periods of time.

The attached wall kit is available as an option at the time of purchase. To make it easier for visitors to enter, a wide door can swing outward or inward. The unique drainage mechanism swiftly removes the water.

While it is one of the more basic walk-in tubs on the market, this Spa World model is an excellent example of price and ADA compliance combined, with enough room left over for pleasurable luxury elements.

7. Monaco Acrylic Hydro Massage Walk-in Tub

Monaco Acrylic Hydro Massage Walk-in Tub, Right Outward Swing Door

Last update was on: September 14, 2021 8:34 am

This Monaco acrylic tub provides the greatest in relaxation and medical healing for a full spa-like experience. A big fiberglass door opens to allow those with mobility challenges to comfortably go to the tub’s seat, where water can be filled up to their shoulders. This ADA-approved appliance has side grips all around to increase its safety.

This walk-in tub drains at the same rate as it fills. On the bottom, there are two independent 2″ drains that provide consistently fast drainage after each bathing session. While bathing, one can make use of the 13-jet treatment system, which provides various sorts of massages for ultimate relaxation. For a more personalized experience, a full control dial is located on top of the tub.

In addition to the conventional drains, two overflow drains are added to prevent flooding or leakage. The door has an easy-grip handle that locks it in place when the tub is filled with water. A control knob allows you to adjust the intensity, temperature, and ozone sterilization of the 13 water jets. Additional heating settings for the seat and backrest are offered. The thermostatic control valve can be altered at any moment to control the built-in water heater.

8. Walk-in Bathtubs with Energy Tubs

Energy Tubs Walk-in Bathtub 30 in. x 60 in. Luxury Whirlpool Massage

Last update was on: September 14, 2021 8:34 am

The Energy Tubs walk-in bathtub, as one of the most affordable options on the market in 2021, offers additional healing capabilities and a spa-like sensation at a fraction of the cost of comparable models.

Luxury can be both inexpensive and medically acceptable. This Energy Tubs model delivers a relaxing spa experience to your home bathroom, allowing anyone to enjoy a relaxing bath without the need for mobility. The gel-coated fiberglass material is reinforced to prevent slips and falls, and each side has grab handles for added security.

The seat height complies with all ADA requirements and is adjusted for the bather’s comfort and relaxation. It simply takes a couple of minutes to fill and 110 seconds to drain the tub. This affordable walk-in tub guarantees that the bathing experience is stress-free from start to finish, with every extra feature as easily accessible as possible.

The tub can contain up to 85 gallons of water at once, filling the bather up to their shoulders. A unique drain system is installed to drain quickly while preventing overflow. The ADA has approved all safety elements, and they are rated for long-term security. Homeowners can alter the size of the tub to fit properly in their bathroom using the included wall extension kits. There are 10 jets, a showerhead, and a bidet system to ensure maximum comfort at all times.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Walk-In Bathtubs

There are dozens of walk-in bathtub items on the market today, but the top 11 tubs of the year stand out. There are numerous crucial features to look for in the best walk-in baths so you can get the most bang for your buck. Make certain that the tub of your choosing has all of the following features:


A walk-in tub should always prioritize accessibility over all other considerations. These tubs are designed to make it easier for persons who have difficulty moving around. Many of this year’s top walk-in baths are designed to accept additional mobility equipment such as walkers or wheelchairs. It is critical to ensure that every member of the home has easy and safe access to their walk-in tub.


The price of a walk-in bathtub is influenced by the quality of the appliance and any extra amenities that come with the type. Many of the greatest bathtubs of 2021, for example, contain hydrotherapy jets and scratch-resistant acrylic coatings. When it comes to purchasing the ideal walk-in bathtub for your house, price is a major concern.


It is critical to measure the size of the bathroom in order to decide the exact size of your new walk-in tub. Some homeowners are replacing their existing showers or tubs with walk-in options, and it is critical that the new tub match the same dimensions and space in the bathroom. Consider how powerful your home’s hot water supply is, as well as how large the tub may be before the heater struggles to fill the space.

High-End Options

Seniors and persons with limited mobility seek out walk-in soaking tubs as a convenient method to relax and clean. Those suffering from extra medical conditions may benefit from the various therapeutic attachments and features included in many of the best 11 walk-in tubs of 2021. Water and air massages, aromatherapy, and chroma therapy are all possible extras.


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