List of the Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Lebanon

Myriam Fares

We’re going to kick off our list of the “Most Beautiful Lebanese Women” with the stunning and very gifted Myriam Fares. One of the most famous people in the Arab world, this Lebanese singer, composer, and actress is a household name everywhere she goes. It is not surprising that many refer to her as the “Queen of Stage,” given that she possesses both a compelling voice and breathtaking beauty.

Mona Abou Hamze

Mona Abou Hamze Most Beautiful Lebanese Women

On our ranking of the most attractive Lebanese women, Mona Abou Hamze comes in at number nine. She has worked as a model, an actor, and a host on television. She has been in a variety of TV series and movies both in the Arab world and internationally. Mona is also well-known for her work as a philanthropist, and she is involved with a variety of charitable organisations all across the Middle East.

Annabella Hilal

Annabella Hilal Most Beautiful Lebanese Women

Annabella Hilal is a model, actress, and host on Lebanese television. She was born in Lebanon. She began her career when she was still in her early teens as a model, and she has since gone on to feature in a number of movies and television series that are produced in Lebanon. Hilal is also well-known for her work as a philanthropist, and she volunteers her time with a number of organisations to assist people who are in need.

Nadine Nassib Njeim

Nadine Nassib Njeim Hot Lebanese Women

Actress, model and former Miss Lebanon Nadine Njeim hails from the country of Lebanon. She won the title of Miss Lebanon in 2004 and went on to compete for her nation in the Miss Universe competition in 2005. In addition, Nadine has made appearances in a number of films and television series, one of which being the well-known soap opera Al Hayba.

When Nadine was still in her early teens, she started her career as a model. Since then, she has gone on to have a great career in the modelling industry as well as in the acting industry. Additionally, Nadine is a dedicated philanthropist who volunteers her time with a number of different organisations. With more than 15 million followers, she is one of the most popular gorgeous Lebanese women on Instagram and is one of the most followed users overall.

Rosarita Tawil

Rosarita Tawil Hot Lebanese Women

Model, actress, and host on Lebanese television, Rosarita Tawil is from the country of Lebanon. She is also the most well-known humanitarian activist in Lebanon. Tawil’s role as a PR Ambassador involves assisting Lebanese immigrants living in other countries in reestablishing connections with Lebanon. In addition to this, Tawil is a well-known fashion designer and beauty pageant winner, having been named Miss Lebanon 2008 back in 2008.

Gabrielle Bou Rached

Gabrielle Bou Rached

Gabrielle Bou Rached comes in at number five on our list. Because of her stunning good looks and model-worthy physique, this beauty, who is 36 years old, is sweeping the Arab world by storm. Gabrielle is a perfect representation of the beauty that can be found in Lebanon. She is of Lebanese, Brazilian, and Syrian origin. She has appeared on the covers of a great number of publications and has modelled for advertising campaigns for some of the most well-known companies in the area.

Rina Chibany

Rina Chibany Hot Lebanese Women

Rina Chibany is a model and beauty queen who hails from Lebanon. She won the title of Miss Lebanon in 2012, and ever since then, she has competed in pageants at the world level to represent Lebanon. The elegance and charm that she exudes make her a genuine national treasure.

Saly Greige

Saly Greige Hot Lebanese Women

Engineer, model, and broadcaster on television, Saly Greige was crowned Miss Universe Lebanon 2014 in 2014. She is perhaps most recognised for her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador, in which role she raises awareness about several pressing societal issues utilising her platform. Her striking good features and body that anyone would covet have helped her amass a sizable following on various social media platforms.

It is said that she is one of the most attractive ladies in Lebanon, and she has been in a lot of films and television series that have been produced in the nation. In addition, Saly has dabbled in the modelling world and has been published in a number of well-known publications.

Valerie Abou Chacra

Valerie Abou Chacra Hot Lebanese Women

Valerie Abou Chacra, an actress, model, and TV personality who has been causing quite a commotion in the Arab world, comes in at the number two spot on our list. Because of her alluring figure and seductive appearance, she has established herself as a formidable competitor in the world of fashion.

Abou Chacra was born on the 15th of January 1992, and she is also a beauty pageant titleholder. In 2015, she was named Miss Lebanon.

Cyrine Abdelnour

Cyrine Abdelnour Beautiful Female Arab Singers

When I think of Cyrine Abdelnour, who is one of my role models, the first things that spring to me are her accomplishments, her beauty, and the resolve she has shown throughout her life. Cyrine Abdelnour is a famous Lebanese-American actress, model, and singer. She also hails from Lebanon.

Cyrine is not only a talented artist, but she is also a successful entrepreneur who has her own brand of cosmetics and skincare goods. The aspect about Cyrine that I appreciate the most is how committed she is to her work. She strives for perfection in all that she does and offers her utmost effort in everything that she does. Cyrine constantly gives her best effort in all that she does, whether it be acting, modelling, or singing.

In addition to this, she is a powerful and independent woman who has blazed her own trail to the top of the professional world. In many respects, I look up to Cyrine as a role model. In my professional life, I want to achieve the same level of success that she has. In the future, I want to be as self-assured and self-sufficient as she is. Cyrine is not only an inspiration to me, but also to a great number of other women all around the world.

Cyrine Abdelnour Cyrine Abdelnour, who is 45 years old, is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in Lebanon. Her reputation precedes her. She has had appearances in a variety of films and television series, in addition to releasing a number of albums. Cyrine is an active participant in a variety of humanitarian initiatives and also serves as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.


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