At long last, TikTok has included a dislike option for users’ comments.

The comments area of every social media site has the potential to be a quagmire; but, on TikTok, it is extremely difficult to sort through all of the pointless and offensive remarks in order to locate real debate. With the addition of a dislike option, the website is now making it simpler for users to control which comments appear at the top of the feed.

The thumbs-down icon that can now be found next to each remark on a TikTok serves as the new dislike button. This button can be found to the right of the heart-shaped button. TikTok made the announcement in April, and they started testing the service around the same time. The dislike button for comments has been made available around the world as of today (September 23).

At long last TikTok has included a dislike option for users comments.

The purpose of the function is to encourage true and genuine engagement on the platform as well as to “promote a comments area for genuine and authentic conversation.” It is an alternative to the report button, which is made available by pushing down on a remark, and it is designed for comments that do not break TikTok’s Community Guidelines but which people nonetheless believe to be “irrelevant or unsuitable.”


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