Singer’s Turbo Study Revealed

Rob Dickinson, the creator of Singer Vehicle Design in the United States, vividly recalls his first trip in a Porsche 911, which took place in 1976 when he was 11 years old and left him with wide-eyed wonder. “It was a black 930 Turbo with red tartan seats,” he recalls of Porsche’s first-ever turbocharged road car, which was just a year old at the time. “It left me dry-mouthed and dumbfounded,” he adds of the vehicle.

It is rather incredible that this is the first time Singer has worked its magic on a road-going turbocharged 911. This is the company’s “third act” following the release of the Classic series and the DLS models. Well, goodness knows what the young Dickinson would make of the Turbo Study that his older self has just unleashed on the world.

“The DLS project brought the normally aspirated air-cooled engine to its natural apogee, you might argue. And now I think the moment is ripe to go on to the other feature that’s synonymous with Porsche, the turbo engine, and honor what is undoubtedly the most important 911 in Porsche’s past.”

“It’s a car that was incredibly meaningful for me as a child, and for many people, it was the pin-up of the era. This also represents a chance to really focus in on an iconic model [the ‘Classic’ focuses on an era] and pour as much love onto it as possible,” he said. “It’s a car that was incredibly meaningful for me as a child, and for many people, it was the pin-up of the era.” We’ve been working on this project for the past two years, and clients have shown a lot of interest in it over the past several years… it’s extremely exciting.’


Using the influential 930 Turbo as its point of departure, Singer’s Turbo Study applies the company’s painstaking attention to detail to a period 911. This meticulous attention to detail, which is always undersold by the rather slapdash-sounding’restomod’ tag, stretches the Singer formula toward road-focused GT comfort.

‘Our analysis very much shows the Turbo in the manner that Porsche did in 1975, as a super-refined, luxury, top-of-the-range, grand-touring supercar,’ argues Dickinson. “Our study presents the Turbo in the way that Porsche did in 1975.” “This is our interpretation of the 930 Turbo with the volume turned all the way up to 11.”

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