10 Best Belt Sanders 2021

Sanding isn’t the most glamorous workaround, but it must be done. If you’re going to purchase a sanding device you need to choose the best belt sander you will get. We check out ten of the greatest belt sanders on the marketplace that is offered at Amazon. We present you with insight into their size and pounds. How much power and adjustable speeds they provide. We appear at how easy it really is to change out the belt if they offer dust collectors and how comfortable they are to use.

We look at how they operate. how are ergonomically designed their handles? what kind of jobs they are most suitable and best at? Our reviews are comprehensive and in addition to the basics you can expect from each sanding tool we review. It will also cover the most frequently asked questions when looking to purchase a belt tool in our buyer’s guide. Below is the list of 10 best belt sanders.

10 Best Belt Sanders 2021

1. Makita 9903 Variable Speed

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If you are looking for power and speed coupled with ease-of-use then you found it in the Makita  Belt Sander. The Makita sander is perfect for working with wood. Thus, it is the ideal tool for carpenters, floor installers, or deck builders. The Makita belt has a powerful 8.8 AMP motor. It can maintain consistent speed even under load with the electric speed control.

It is highly efficient and can remove materials fast and accurately. The Auto-tracking belt program will monitor the belt without requiring adjustment. It has an innovative style of Makita. This design enables you to sand flush to the wall structure with the nasal area and part of the sander. This device just generates 85dB which really is a lot much less noisy than a few of its rivals and among the quietest in its course.

The ergonomic, large front grip will help you to operate the Makita belt sander is comfortable. Its low profile design provides a better balance. The Makita offers efficient dirt collection with the fabric dust bag, which may reduce dirt in your projects area significantly. The 16.4-foot long cord enables you to maneuver the Makita easily.


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The Porter-Wire 362 Belt Sander may be the perfect tool for both professionals and hobbyists alike. This 4” x 24” sander offers you variable speed control with a powerful 12 AMP motor which sits directly over the plate affording the Porter-Cable perfect balance. The heavy-duty all-metal design of the Porter-Cable makes it very durable and perfect for the commercial environment. A Variable Speed Dial allows you to select your speed settings from 1000sfpm to 1500sfpm. It offers a belt-tracking knob so you can adjust it quickly and easily.

If you need to change out your belt while working on employment the Porter-Cable has you covered with a quick-release modification lever in addition to a fingertip belt-monitoring knob, that may reduce excessive downtime while working and enables you to dial in belt alignment over the rollers. The huge capacity dust collecting handbag can swivel 360 degrees, which is highly effective at collecting the dirt as the sander will its work. The actual fact that it could swivel ensures you won’t obstruct you as you function either. Increasing your comfort may be the ergonomically designed handles.

3. Genesis GBS321A

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The Genesis GBS321A craftsman Belt Sander is versatile, fast, and incredibly efficient, and ideal for anybody dealing with wood. It really is dependable and will provide you with the best results over and over, general contractors will like this product. Having a powerful 8.0AMP motor it’ll operate with continuous speed even less than a load with the digital speed control function. The adjustable speed control dial enables you to match the acceleration to the application.

The Genesis offers a low profile design which will provide the user with great balance and with the flat-side it will allow you to get into those tight spots and it offers flush sanding. The auto-tracking system will track the belt without adjustment. Featuring a single lever quick-change, this feature will ensure that you have minimal downtime, and the dust collection bag is very efficient and will greatly reduce the amount of dust in your work area.

Working on larger projects is no problem with the Genesis, it offers a 6.5-foot power cord so you can reach where you need to. The genesis is a lot less noisy than some of its competitors and the front grip handle is adjustable offering both comfort and ease of operation. This makes it unique from other belt sanders.

4. Makita 9403 with Cloth Dust Bag

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The Makita Belt Sander is a 4” x 24” sander that offers not only great power and speed. It is one of the quietest available today putting out a remarkably low 84dB. The Makita 9403 Belt Sander with Cloth Dust Handbag is efficient in share removal. It is an ideal device for carpenters, deck builders along general contractors. It is best for those who need a fast, dependable sander. Featuring an 11 AMP motor that has electronic acceleration control that may maintain a constant acceleration even under load.

The extended base will help you to sand flush against the wall and the 4” wide belt in conjunction with 1640ft./min acceleration ensures fast and efficient stock removal. The hold of the Makita belt sander can be ergonomically designed and can be large enough to permit the utmost convenience while working. Easy lever control permits changing your belt to become quick and easy avoiding any delay in continuing together with your work.

It features a replaceable ceramic wear plate and a low profile which offers great balance and keeps gouging to a minimum. Double insulation and labyrinth construction seals the motor and bearings keeping them free from contamination making this a very durable belt sander perfect for commercial use. The 360-degree swivel cloth dust bag will ensure an efficient collection of dust and keep your work area as dust-free as possible. Makita is one of the best belt sanders in this list of belt sanders.

5. WEN 6502 with Cast Iron Base

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The Wen 6502 Belt Sander with Cast Iron Base is a brilliant two-in-one sanding machine that offers not only a 4”x36” belt but also a 6”x”6 disc belt. It tilts from zero to 90 degrees. That is an ideal sander for durable careers and the cast iron bottom will prevent large vibrations. The 4.3 AMP motor presents 3600 RMP which is plenty of power to sand, simple, and remove all splinters or jagged edges from your own wood along with supplying enough power even under large load in order to avoid bogging down.

A tension release lever permits an instant and simple modification to sandpaper grit. The dirt port is certainly 2.5“, attach your dust collector to the interface, and maintain your workspace as free from dust and particles as feasible. The Wen 6502 belt sander’s cast-iron bottom will prevent wobbling and strolling, so your sander will stay where you will need it without deviation while sanding.

The adjustable belt can tilt from vertical to horizontal and every position in-between to help. Add to this the sanding disc has a supporting table with 0-45 degree beveling capabilities as well as a removable miter gauge, and for safety, it has an extended safety guard.


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6. Black & Decker DS321 Dragster

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Looking for a great belt sander that will allow you to reach even the most inaccessible corners as well as being lightweight and compact and offering ease of operation? The Black & Decker DS321 Dragster Belt Sander offers the home user all of this and a lot more. The front roller of the Black & Decker will allow you to get into even the tightest corners and will reduce the need to flush sand.

It offers a 6.0 Amp electric motor that’s powerful enough to deal with most tasks. For superb control, the Dragster presents a retractable, three-position deal. The Dragster DS321 enables you to modification your paper out efficiently with a belt discharge lever and adjustment knob, which also means that the belt will stay in the right position.

The dust collector is quite efficient and can keep your workspace as dust-free and clean as possible along with improving visibility when working. The Dark & Decker Dragster carries a medium grit sanding belt and weighs only 8.2 pounds. Supplying a 2-year warranty the Black & Decker is an excellent tool for all home improvement enthusiasts.


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Very reliable two-in-one belt sander. It will do both task sand and polish efficiently and offers some great features. It comes with a powerful motor for the serious home craftsman and a must-have tool on your workbench. The POWERTEC BD1500 Belt Disc Sander offers a belt size of 1 1”x30” and a disc size of 5 inches. The ideal tool for home improvement fanatics and anybody that need reliable sanders for their projects.

The POWERTEC has a powerful 2.5 AMP induction motor. The motor offers a no-load speed of 3450 RPM and delivering 1/3HP, more than enough power to tackle most projects. The tilting tables of 4” x 7¼” size tilt at 0-45 degrees and include a miter gauge. These features ensure that you get precise angle sanding every time.

The POWERTEC BD Belt Disc Sander’s tracking adjustment feature will ensure that the belt runs true and both 1.5” dust ports could keep your work area apparent and clean. The trunk plate and roller safeguard of the POWERTEC Disk Sander could be detached to permit for fast and simple belt substitute. The POWERTEC is really worth the cost you shell out the dough.

8. Hitachi SB8V2 Variable Speed

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Have a task that will require a belt sander that is ideal for use on wooden or steel and so is also great for removing paint. The Hitachi belt sander Variable Speed Belt Sander fits the bill perfectly. A great belt sander with a host of features that will allow you to tackle any project with velocity, accuracy, and comfortably. The belt sander comes with a Powerful 9 AMP motor that has offered a no-load velocity of 820 – 1475 ft/min with a trigger lock so you don’t have to hold the trigger down constantly.

The variable speed dial will adjust the speed making it a lot more manageable during operation than other belt sanders. For better accuracy, the Hitachi belt sander offers a clear front cover tracking window allows you to see the sanding surface and the sanding belt and make sure you remain on track. Need to get into tight corners, the Hitachi has placed the dust collection handbag on the left hand’s side and this will assist you to enter those tight corners in addition to being very proficient at reducing the dirt, keeping your workshop clean and clear.

It is very durable with a wear-resistant V-belt. It extends the life span of your Hitachi SB8V2 up to double long seeing that normal sander. Soft elastomer grasp on the primary and secondary handles get this to one of the most comfortable sanders to operate.

9. WEN 6321 with Dust Bag

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Another great giving from WEN the WEN 6321 Belt Sander with Dust Bag the perfect tool for smoothing out those rough edges and getting your surfaces splinter-free and as clean as can be. The 7 AMP engine will rotate the belt at a rate of 820 ft/min will get through any project quickly and efficiently. It is compact in design and lightweight weighing in at 6 pounds which is great for limiting fatigue while sanding.

Another aspect that helps to limit fatigue while working with the WEN 6321. It includes lock-in safety features and that means you do not need to keep a grip on the trigger at all times. The Tracking Adjustment knob retains the belt true and a quick release. The sanding belt allows for swapping out sandpapers or adjusting grits easy and the front roller is designed with a protracted front at night edge of the casing to help you to reach into restricted corners.

The dust bag is huge enough to make sure that your workspace continues to be as clean and dust-free as possible while working. The WEN 6321 Belt Sander with Dust Handbag possesses an 80-Grit Sanding Belt with extra belts obtainable in three packs. These features of the wen belt sander make this belt unique from other belt sanders.

10. PORTER-CABLE 371 14″

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A concise belt sander than other belt sanders that enable you to get those DIY tasks done in no time at all. The Porter-Cable 371 14” Compact Belt Sander is designed for both the DIY home improvement enthusiast along the professional in mind. It is packed with features and designed for comfort and ease. Sand at any angle with the Porter-Cable 371 as it is 2½” x 14” and weigh a minuscule 5 pounds. It makes it one of the most compact belt sanders in the marketplace in 2020.

The textured rubber body grip allows for one-handed control and the removable auxiliary. The handle of the device allows you to use two hands when needed. The Porter-Cable has a fantastic well-balanced feel so that you can utilize it vertically or horizontally or any various other orientation you should employ it for assembling your project.

The look of the Porter-Cable 371 is so that it includes a flush side to help you brush correct up to perpendicular areas and it’ll cover a wide surface. The power switch is normally recessed and dust-sealed for you won’t transform it off accidentally when using it and the detachable dust port could keep your projects area clean and dirt free.


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