Best 4K Ultra HD TVs – Buying Guide

You may be a little puzzled by what they are used for 4K Ultra TVs. While most individuals say 4K, some call it Ultra HD or UHD. For TV-buying reasons, they are just different titles for the same factor.  First, it was standard meaning, then we had Excellent Definition, and now we lastly have Ultra High-Definition, which is known as UHD or 4K.

4K Ultra TVs have Four times as many pixels, the tiny dots that define the picture, then Complete HD TVs. This triggers much clearer, and you can appreciate the additional detail and depth. Many say 4K Ultra TVs can almost appear as if they’re in 3D, even when they’re not. And also gives a big increased picture quality due to the increased variety of pixels, the era of 4K is also ushering in several fine new TV technological innovation such as HDR, which are combining to give you a big increased picture quality.

Best 4K Ultra HD TVs – Best Top Ten Ultra HD TVs to Buy

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Samsung UN55KU6600 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung UN55KU6600 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

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Last update was on: January 16, 2019 3:37 am

The Samsung UN55KU6600 range of curved 4K HDTV brings together an outstanding picture with a set of features that will remain relevant for a few years. It is a very best to leap into 4K with the model without spending a whole money.

Samsung has held its own about curved HDTVs, but most of us have lived doubtful. Luckily, the Samsung UN55KU6600 displays that Samsung can make an outstanding display with little consideration of the model shape. This ultra-high-definition (4K) has all the enthusiast-level TV features that you would anticipate of a set of its quality. Talk of amazing contrast, precise color, and a collection of features you would need on a regular basis from an HDTV. When we compare HDTV, with opponents like our Vizio M65-C2 providing thin bezels and innovative features in their displays, it does not provide the best HDTV, but the Samsung UN55KU6600 continues to be the best and top competitor. That said, it suffices as a trendy, eye-catching way to go up to 4K without the annoying light bloom on the smooth panels — as the KU6600 sports a curved display.


  • Affordable compared with similar-sized curved 4K HDTVs.
  • Excellent contrast and color.
  • Full-featured.


  • Long input lags.
  • Using heritage information still requires access to the back of the display.


The Samsung UN55KU6600 HDTV series is a very best to select the 4K with the model. The ultra-high-definition picture quality is unquestionable, and this list of features is comprehensive. The Vizio M65-C2 appears as one of the best principles you will discover in big-screen 4K HDTVs, and it provides Smart Features that cannot be beaten. On the contrary, if cash is no item, the LG 65EF9500 OLED HDTV provides the best picture available.

Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung UN40KU6300 40-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

Last update was on: January 16, 2019 3:37 am

Enjoy High Dynamic Range (HDR) and 4K Ultra HD resolution material that provide greater quality with Small Dimming Pro and a wider variety of color with Extensive Color Increaser. Access your preferred material quicker and simpler with the new Samsung Smart TV program operated by the Quad-Core Processer.

Picture Quality

Enjoy the amazing picture and impressive information with UHD. Its 4K quality indicates everything you watch looks 4x clearer than Complete HD.

Slim Model

We have considerably slimmed the whole TV, so nothing appears to you and your watching experience. If that were not enough, it also makes improved contrast across several areas of a picture.

UHD Dimming

You should put on the leading edge of improvements contrast, sharpness and color, with UHD Turn down. It uses new technological innovation to develop a more brilliant watching experience than you have ever seen.


PurColor delivers you nearer to what nature modeled with the precise appearance of color in life-like information.

UHD Upscaling Picture Engine

UHD Upscaling Picture Engine improvements lower quality TV shows and films to an amazing near the ultra-high-definition HD information about improved picture quality.


Very dark blacks

A pure black screen just 0.024 cd/m², which implies that when dark colors or loading displays appear, they will truly look dark.

Good watching angles

With 20° of watching with no color distortions, this is an excellent TV to use as a computer monitor. Because you’ll be sitting near to it, the position when looking at the far sides of the display is much more tilted than when looking dead-on at the middle of the display.


  • Reflects more lights than average
  • Average grayish uniformity
  • Judder is present in videos

Bottom Line:

With the KU6300, you can anticipate getting amazing picture and some unique Smart TV features, all in a smooth, LCD model. The quality of the 4K picture is excellent, which it should be since it is Four times better than Complete HD. There is other technological innovation at well, all modeled to improve picture and make the pictures more genuine and stunning. I also like the upscaling engine, which takes regular TV material and maximizes them to near 4K quality.

Samsung UN65KS8500 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung UN65KS8500 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

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Last update was on: January 16, 2019 3:37 am

Samsung continues to be passionate in developing curved HDTVs, and the majority of us are still doubtful. Luckily, the KS8500 series proves that Samsung can indeed build a remarkable display anyway the model and shape. The Samsung UN65KS8500 curved 65-inch features an ultra-high-definition (4K) quality, stylish appearance, amazing differences, shiny panels, precise color and all the options you’d want in an HDTV, with an individual switch box which makes setting it up easier than typical. For those who take TV seriously, the UN65KS8500 is a trendy way to go up to 4K without getting fairly extreme into the pocket or any annoying light gloom; thus, making it value a second glace.

Model and Features

Simple and eye-catching, that is how we can explain the UN65KS8500. The curved display is outlined by a flat plastic frame that towers inwards like a picture frame. This is a stride down from the style of Samsung’s top quality HDTV model, save for gold lower frame and a little chrome Samsung company logo on the same frame. However, it still looks very eye-catching, and the curved panel is stunning. The whole display rests safely on a huge, T-shaped dark plastic take a position with an applied gunmetal finish on the curved front face.


Contrast levels, brightness levels, and color perfection are the basic features we all look out for in HDTVs. The Samsung UN65KS8500 provides a good contrast ratio like Vizio M65-C1’s 10,858:1, especially for a TV in the lower cost range for curved HDTVs. If you want better performance than those options, you will need to spend a lot more on an OLED TV, like the Editors’ Choice LG 65EF9500; its panel technological innovation allows for ideal dark levels, for excellent contrast.


  • One Connect box makes setting up HDMI video resources practical.
  • Full-featured
  • Excellent contrast and color


  • Long input lag

Bottom line:

The Samsung UN65KS8500 is a very best to leap into 4K with a well-styled HDTVs. The 65-inch panel’s high picture is unquestionable, and this list of other features causes it to be a value competitor.

Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV (2016 model)

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Last update was on: January 16, 2019 3:37 am

The Sony XBR55X850D 55-Inch is an all-around great entertainer with outstanding color distribution, fantastic motion management specifications, great judder control and some amazing upscaling technologies. In addition, it provides an outstanding of peak brightness, HDR performance, and contrast ratio. While the new 2016 HDR technology of the Sony models 4K X850D, TV is an enhancement over what we saw in 2015, it is also unusually poor in many ways.

Uncover the information with 4K HDR

High Powerful Range will change the way you look at TV. Along with 4K Ultra HD quality, HDR video material provides remarkable information, color, and contrast, with a far broader variety of brightness than other video types. The result is the most natural picture TVs have ever been able to develop, with amazing features and information.

More color, detail, and reality.

Colors are as wealthy and stunning as own green thanks to the TRILUMINOS Display with more colors of red, green and blue than ever before. You will relish brilliant, genuine pictures that stimulate the feelings in every field. When putting together with HDR video, TRILUMINOS Display further improves along with detail for clearly lighter and truer colors.


  • You can send videos from your smartphone to your TV through Google Throw.
  • You can change the brightness of the display up to 3 times.
  • Its thin model suits well with your residing space area.
  • It will give you a world of possibilities.
  • It comes with amazing quality.


  • It cannot be that enjoyable at night.
  • Power stone in the cord.
  • The 3D crosstalk is terrible.

Bottom line:

The Sony models XBR65X850D 65-Inch 4K HDR Ultra HD TV (2016 model) has collected both the good and bad reviews from the customers. While some of them have indicated satisfaction with the quality, 4K processor, HDR performance, and several uses, others did not discover it more helpful for it 3D crosstalk and had recommended using at the daytime.

LG Electronic devices OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV

LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2016 Model)

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Last update was on: January 16, 2019 3:37 am
$1,996.99 $2,499.99

LG’s flat-screen series OLED55B6P TVs are cost a lot less than the flagship models of company, but here is the secret: All of LG’s 2016 4K OLED TVs use the same panel and video handling. So if the picture is your top priority, the 55″ OLED55B6P appears with the best you will see this year.

The OLED55B6’s best feature is its OLED picture technological innovation. This lets every pixel produce its light, while LCD forces multiple pixels or sometimes, all pixels at once to discuss an external light. The result, as we have seen time after time again, is a combination of amazing contrast and perfect light perfection that present LCD technology could never hope to match.

The OLED55B6’s requirements are perfectly more than needed for ‘Ultra HD Premium’ documentation, an ordinary the AV market developed to focus on the best UHD as well as dynamic range performers. LG’s decision to carry the Dolby Vision edition of HDR, with its additional part of data providing scene-by-scene optimization, seems like a canny move.


  • Often amazing picture quality
  • Excellent smart TV interface
  • Pretty, space-saving model


  • Doesn’t have the brightness of competitive LCDs
  • Occasional color noise
  • Detail loss in shiny areas

Bottom line:

OLED55B6P HDR provides an amazing high dynamic range picture, including support for Dolby Vision material. Appreciate amazing shiny and the inner darks for unlimited contrast, wealthy color and a remarkable watching experience, nearer to what filmmakers modeled. With their ideal dark and video color, LG OLED55B6P TVs have also earned famous Ultra HD Premium documentation.

Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

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Last update was on: January 16, 2019 3:37 am

The Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV includes all the additional features for making your experience remarkable. With this Smart TV, you will have fun with High Dynamic Range material and the ultimate 4K Ultra HD quality. This provides quality with Small Dimming Pro and wider color variety with Color Increaser.

Impressive 4K UHD picture quality

With the 4K UHD, you will relish high-resolution pictures and amazing information. Being 4K indicates that all your pictures look Four times clearer than the Complete HD. The 55-inch shiny display has millions of p (3840 x 2160) to improve its quality. UHD Dimming boosts the contrast and dark levels. The Ultra Excellent Definition upscaling improvements high-definition and standard meaning video material to the 4K UHD quality. This boosts the information and maximizes picture.


  • It comes with a removable take a position and is wall-mountable making it simpler to position the TV anywhere or to install it
  • It has a Quad-Core processor making it fast to run several applications and look the web
  • Built in dual 10-h speakers
  • It is light and portable (35 pounds) making it quickly portable. It can be shifted from any position or space to another without damages
  • The thin model maximizes contrast across several places of the picture. This improves your watching experience
  • The 100 % free downloadable applications for Android operating system or iOS gives them every opportunity to use a suitable cellular phone as an internet based control


  • To discuss between your TV and smartphone, the two devices must be linked to the same network which boundaries the area of use

Bottom line:

However, the drawbacks do not in any way, lower the Pros. The Samsung UN55KU6300 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV is an awesome TV with outstanding features. It features both high picture and appears to be quality. You do not even need a sound bar with this TV.

Hisense 43H7C2 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Hisense 43H7C2 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2016 Model)

1 used from $349.99
Last update was on: January 16, 2019 3:37 am

Ultra-high-definition Hisense 43H7C2 43-Inch 4K Ultra TV is now well within reach, and it is easy to pick up a big display that features Four times pixels as your present HDTV for an affordable price. The H7 series from Chinese manufacturer Hisense is very cost-effective.


The Hisense 43H7C2 43-Inch 4K Ultra TV is moderate, but at least somewhat stylish, thanks to a few departures from the regular boring models seen in cost range HDTVs. The half-inch frame loading around the display is shiny dark plastic but tilted a little bit inward on the top and sides to both reduce representation from the frame itself and add a bit of variety. The display rests on two sets of silver-colored feet, which both keep it up steady and, with a little silver-colored outcropping on the base of the HDTV, add some interest to the model and elegance.

Opera TV

Hisense 43H7C2 43-Inch 4K Ultra TV uses an Opera-based program for its linked features, which includes significant online solutions access through the 50H 7’s built-in Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection. The Home selection is divided into four panels: VOD, Apps, Live TV and Media. The VOD panel provides access Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster online, Vudu, YouTube, Viewster, Netflix, and Dailymotion.


  • Precise colors.
  • Good video up transformation.


  • Long input lag.
  • Mediocre black levels and contrast.

Bottom Line

Hisense’s H7 series of LED HDTVs provides solid performance and 4K quality in a very cost-effective package. If you have been considering moving to 4K, then I suggest the Hisense H7 series will be the best in budget. Its picture is not ideal, but its cost is certainly attractive, and it provides a nice mix of linked features as well as performance despite its frustrating contrast. If you are more concerned about colors of black, shiny features, and plenty of information between them, you should probably stick to a 1080p HDTV for now.

VIZIO D50u-D1 50-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

It is amazing to see how far ultra-high-definition has come in just a few years. This once-expensive technology is now readily available for all costs, as confirmed by Vizio’s new 2016 Du series of HDTVs. This budget-focused 4K Ultra TV range provides the same set of features and better performance than last year’s M series. The only problems are a poor model and a likewise uninspiring interface and app environment. However, the 65-inch D65u-D2 we tested sells for just $1,199.99, making it a powerful choice for anyone looking to help make the leap to UHD.


The VIZIO D50u-D1 looks plain, which is standard for cost range TVs. The display is enclosed by a half-inch smooth, shiny dark plastic frame on every side, with the base increasing an additional half-inch of pointed, flat dark plastic holding the remote signal and sensor light in the lower left corner.

Connected Features

The Du series still uses the Vizio Online Apps (VIA) Plus program for linked features. Pushing the VIA button on the remote raises a toolbar on the base of the display containing huge icons for various solutions and choices. The icons are clearly low-resolution on the 4K display and appear rather unclear.

The D65u-D2 revealed a remarkable 18.9ms input lag, very suitable for a huge 4K Ultra TV. This is in range with the M65-C1’s 21.3ms input lag. If you want a more sensitive display, you will need to look for a dedicated game playing monitor rather than a TV.


  • Excellent contrast.
  • Good color perfection.


  • Uninspiring model.
  • Clunky selection program and linked features.

Bottom Line

Vizio’s Du series provides amazingly excellent performance cheaply, making it a wise decision if you are in the marketplace your first 4K Ultra TV. The linked features feel a little bit complicated, but that is a little issue next to the panel’s performance; you can always enhance the HDTV with a 4K-capable media streamer and still keep to an affordable price range.

 Key Factors To Consider 4K Ultra HD TVs:

Buying a new TV is a massive experience. Costs vary ly for TVs of the same size. TV manufacturers and sales representatives use specifications, hyperbolic and alien-sounding technology prorogate about the picture to get you to spend more. Besides, as always the internet is a morass of inconsistent facts, views, and mysterious terminology.

Ignore (most of) the specifications

As a rule, the basic objective of a TV’s requirements sheet is to saturate you with complicated conditions and figures in an attempt to get you to “step up” and buy the most costly model. Just about, the only beneficial numbers are discovered under Inputs and Weight/Sizes.

Bigger is better

I suggest a size at least 40 inches for a bedroom TV and at least 55 inches for a drawing room or basic TV and 65-inches or larger is best. If you are changing a preexisting TV set, those sizes might seem too big but trust me; a big TV is an amazing factor.

In reality, more than any other “feature” like HDR, 4K quality, Smart TV or a fancy remote, getting up in TV screen size is the best use of your cash. One of the most popular post-TV purchase problems I have heard is from those who did not go big enough.

HDR and 4K are valued considering

TVs with 4K quality, also known as UHD (Ultra Excellent Definition) TVs, have Four times as many p as standard 1080p quality TVs. That appears to be a big enhancement, but in reality, it is very difficult to tell the difference in sharpness between a 4K Ultra TV and an excellent old-fashioned HDTV. Those pixels are they cannot provide an apparent advantage unless you sit near a very big TV. Even then, you will need to be watching actual 4K material (films, TV shows or games) to get any advantage.

Extras beyond picture quality

On one level, I do not consider any of these accessories necessary or even all that essential. On the contrary, they are often discovered on TVs that have better picture and cost more money, so it is beneficial to know about them anyway.

Most Important Features 4K Ultra HD TVs

2017 is on the edge of coming, and 4K-Ultra TVs have innovative to what is the completely popular position. All significant forecasts by various research categories clearly indicate that the 4K Ultra TV market will keep the same size and move as Complete HD TVs do nowadays in the next 36 months. So, first and foremost with regards to practical things to consider for you, the potential buyer these days, 4K Ultra TVs are lastly promoting for what are truly low prices, while providing better quality and standardization than ever before.

Pricing and Quality

As we just covered temporarily, 4K Ultra TV price is less than ever, and several models can market not just for less than $1000 but also for way below that cost, with the retail labels of some very reasonable models sitting at prices of less than $600. For example, a 43-inch Vizio 4K Ultra TV in the effective and well liked M-Series can now be discovered on or just $548.00 and if 43 inches is a bit little for your preference, the much more reasonable 50 and 55 inches models are going for $628 and $848.00 in that order on the same site.

Content and Connectivity

The 4K material landscape is lagging far behind the marketplace 4K Ultra TVs and other devices themselves. While, we are strongly anticipating this to change in 2017, with several new types of 4K UHD Films and TV shows, growing at least via satellite,  internet, transmitted TV and OTT channels, is almost 4K UHD-free and the internet material choices still give you a much smaller 4K UHD enjoyment selection than they do of Complete HD video.

Best Quality Display and other Features

What is even more essential than the present 4K material landscape for 4K-UHD Televisions is their excellent display power quality in contrast on track HD TVs. Even regular 4K UHD models from any of the famous labels typically provide an excellent contrast, renew and color saturation levels to those of any regular Complete HD TV.

Which 4K Ultra HD TVs are Right for You?

Ultra-high-definition (4K) technological innovations have loomed over the TV market for years. Just over revealed we made the leap from standard meaning (480p quality or lower) to high-definition (720p quality or higher, now seen as standard at 1080p), and many individuals bought new TVs in the process. Now that it is clear 4K is here to live, it is the perfect chance to decide if another update is in order.

Ultra-high-definition (4K) is known as 2,160 to 3,840-pixels quality for TV sets, features Four times a number of pixels as 1080 pixels displays. The 4K-Ultra TV sets have been trickling into the marketplace slowly, seeing identical shapes of both adopting and value that HDTVs once had. A few years back, 4K Ultra TV sets were incredibly costly, was missing a consistent structure for transferring video, and very little 4K material was available. A lot has changed since then.

As of 2017, we can easily suggest purchasing a 4K Ultra TV as your new big display. The market and technology have grown up to the reality that it is no longer a case of early adopters providing as the sector’s petri dish for the next big factor. There are two easy reasons for this change: 4K Ultra TVs are now cost-effective, and 4K submissions are now available. Do not hurry to sell your favorite 1080 pixels HDTV if you like it, but if you are looking to substitute your TV, the come to consider 4K.

All the best TVs are 4K UHD

When a no-name brand comes out of remaining field with a 55-inch 4K UHD TV cost below $1,000 while its big-name competition is asking for at least seven times that much, you should be dubious. Now, all the big-name manufacturers are competitive for your 4K dollars with cost-effective models.

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